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Simply Sassy Boutique
304 Sterlington Rd Monroe, La 71203

Simply Sassy Boutique attracts women and young ladies that are interested in trendy seasonal fashions and accessories. Our products are made to fit every body type. Everything in the store is available at affordable prices, so come in today and walk out feeling confident and beautiful!

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Monday- Saturday 8-5

Our Main Competitors
 Runwayseven vertage ksera  caras

Simply Sassy Boutique has some good competition with these four boutiques. Each boutique sales trendy fashion for all its consumers just like Simply Sassy does, but they do not know what is coming for them when our doors open. Simply Sassy offers these trendy fashions and accessories at an affordable price and with clothing that will fit everyone’s body shape. So look no more for trendy fashion at high prices that sometimes does not fit, and come to Simply Sassy today!   

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