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About us:

Our company strives to create the newest, most practical yet fashionable designer purses for you to flaunt day to day. With Erin Nicole purses, safety is at your fingertips any time you may need it. Our purses have a built in pistol pocket, flashlight, first aid kit, and mirror. They are also equipped for those tricky fraudsters who try to steal your identifty (as well as your dgnity). So whether you're a working mom or a run down college student, you should always carry style and protection right at your hip.

Always be packin’ with your pistol pouch.

With Erin Nicole designer purses, being fashionable and practical has never been easier. The built in pistol pouch in the back of every custom designed purse allows women to carry safety in style and at their convenience. The pouch is easily accessible so that it can be reached within seconds when that pesky stranger sends you a threating feeling. So carry your stylish accessories where everyone can see, but keep your finger on the trigger when you’re being teased.

Cista Gold

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