Pleasantly Calming
Body Wash

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This body wash will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
The spa-like feeling will  create your body into a calm state and you will be ready to face the day or week ahead.

This is gentle enough to be used daily and only takes a few minutes in the shower. Now you won't have an excuse to pamper yourself.  
Every morning, in just a few minutes, the worries and cares of this world will vanish for the day.

free scent will go with every outfit and every occassion. The other scents are light and will not overpower you with daily use.

When you have a little money, and need a lot of calm

Have you ever smelled a smell that took you back to a place in time? Maybe an extra ordinary day. Pleasantly Calming body wash can take you back to the relaxing beach or another special place – like eating with a friend – with it’s lovely scents. They are affordable, - under $15, with lovely scents, - lemon bliss, honey bloom, and oatmeal & lavender. These body washes are conveniently located in many of the stores you already shop. Buy now and enjoy relaxation everyday. No worries.

Pleasantly Calming body wash is

affordable and available in several
scents and leaves your body feeling refreshed.
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