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Truly Lumi is a skincare line dedicated to giving women beautiful, luminous skin. We strive to make the process of achieving clear, luminous skin as simple as possible. We offer easy shipping and returns, along with an unbeatable warranty on our brushes. We want each customer to feel confident in their skin and with thier purchase.


Our Position Statement

Truly Lumi specializes in designing personalized facial cleasing brushes for people who desire clear, glowing skin. Our sonic brushes provide a luminous complection that radiates with confidence.


 Lumi 2
truly lumi lumi 2
Lumi 2

The Lumi 2 cleansing brush is designed to deliver clear,
 luminous skin. The Lumi 2 gives a 6x better clean than hands alone.
 Each individual can experience a customizable clean with  the
adjustable speed, time, and heat settings of the Lumi 2.


lumi 2 heads

Along with the customizable settings, the Lumi 2 has a
variety of intercahngable brush heads to accommodate each skin concern.
 Whetheryou have acne prone skin, large pores, delicate, sensitive, or normal skin,
 there is a brush head to fit you. We also have brush heads for use
 on the entire body for glowing skin all over.


Before And After  
With the Lumi 2 you will see a noticable difference in just 2 weeks!
 Improved skin tone, reduced fine lines, and clearer skin.

Lumi 2 before and after

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Clarisonic is one of our primary compeditors in facial cleansing brushes. Although they have a great product, they don't begin to compare to the Lumi 2. We have various other features and settings that Clarisonicdoes not privide. Clinique is another primary competitor of ours. They have a multitude of products they focus on, therefore their facial cleansing brush is quite lacking in innovativeness, compared to the Lumi 2.Olay is another one of our primary competitors. They also provide a variety of lower end products. Their facial brush is very inexpensive, but comes no where close to the features we offer with the Lumi 2. Vitagoods is also one of our primary competitors. They offer a moderately priced facial cleansing brush, that offers litte innovativeness, compared to the Lumi 2.


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