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1223 Lamar Ave
Overland Park, KS.
Method Urban Necessities provides current and fashionable clothing and  equipment for teens and young adults in a relaxing and knowledgeable environment, so...

"What's Your Method!?"

Usher Sports
skate Method is your one stop for local and well known street, skate and snowboard wear. We stay up to date with all recent styles 
Method boast about their well trained staff. All of our employees go through a rigorous training before they are allowed on the floor and they are ready to answer all queations asked. snow

chance Don't forget about our extensive music collection  and all of our accessories! Stop by and check our some of the upcoming local events or training classes for our skate and snowboarders

Here are some links to our top competitors. We believe in our brand and staff so much we provide these links to allow you to compare and develop your own opinion. We will match any prices on like merchandise.

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