Grind Coffee House
3707 Bon Aire Dr.
Monroe, LA
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Grind Coffee House combines quality coffee, baked goods, and a relaxing enviornment that is perfect for young adults to study and hangout with a cup of coffee.

Grind Coffee House was established in 2015 with hopes to provide the ULM community with an exceptional morning brew an a warming atmosphere. Maddison McCammon and Grace Russell were fighting through the crowds of a well-known coffee establishment when the idea of Grind came in existence. When you walk into Grind we want you to feel like you are part of our family and not an average cup of joe. Home to exceptional beverages (both hot and cold), warm pasteries, quality service, and not to mention the private comfortable seating with all the modern technologies to keep you and your electronics fully powered. Grind is the hot spot to study, talk with friends, or escape the stress of school. Come alone, or bring your friends, for a quick trip or a long study session and we will provide the rest. 

      "We Specialize in Chill"      


Coffee is the new craze, which means Grind Coffee House has competitors that have identifiable features to ours. Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, CC's Coffee House, and PJ's Coffee of New Orleans are of the four leading brands that we identify with. Similar because we are all serving customers for their coffee needs, Grind Coffee House is different in many ways. Althought all these brands are well established, we at Grind pride ourselves in going above just coffee. Baked goods, quick snacks, attentive staff, and comfortable seating are just a few elements that differentiate us from them. We don't want to rush you out the door once your order is fullfilled, our enviornment is half the fun. Sit back, relax and enjoy Grind Coffee House for all our ammentities.

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