Southern Samosa strives to bring authentic Indian samosa with an American twist to people of all ages looking for fast food made with the freshest ingredients.
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"Refreshingly unique..."

Southern Samosa is a food truck serving up some of the freshest, most delicious eats on the go. The truck features traditional indian samosa - a crispy, friend shell filled with meat and vegetables, spiced to perfection. Other special options present the same traditional crust, but filled with American classics like macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, apple pie, and much more! The menu is always changing, but the food is always great! Check us out on Facebook or give us a call at 318-712-1509 to find out where we're parked, so you can come grab a few hot, fresh Southern Samosa!

The direct competitors for Southern Samosa food truck will be Restaurant Sage, Taco the Guerro, Avocados and Rhoda Brown’s Hogwash Caboose because I plan to compete on the basis of uniqueness and high quality. Restaurant Sage operates on three important standards: fresh, local, sustainable. When it comes to serving high quality food, Sage is the truck to beat. Taco the Guero, Avocados and Rhoda Brown’s Hogwash Caboose are my competition when it comes to uniqueness. They serve ethnic, homemade food. When customers want to choose something different from typical American hamburger or want something they haven’t tried before, their top options are Mexican, BBQ and now Indian.

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