Southern Shivers Sneaux Balls


 Welcome to the Southern Sneaux experience!!

We offer a superior product to our competitors in the community of Cally, which has been neglected by the other snowball producers.

We hope to give you the Southern hospitality our area of the South is known for and the Sneaux we rarely see!

Southern Shivers produces snowballs with elevated flavors, toppings, and style. While providing a comfortable customer oriented atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy.

All Your Favorites and a Whole Lot More:

                                Going to the snowball stand as a young child, you could always remember the same great flavors such as strawberry, grape, banana, and blueberry. You’re all grown up now, and your tastes have grown with you. You come to Southern Shivers Sneaux Balls’ stand and have a selection suited for your growing palate. We offer a wide selection of elevated flavors ranging from the classic favorites you’ve always known to intriguing flavors you’ll love to know. Some of our classic favorites have also taken an elevated spin such as “Creamy Strawberry Cheesecake” and “Baked Blueberry Muffin.” A new elevated treat you will have to order is our signature “Carnival Caramel Apple.” We hope to provide you with a unique snowball experience you won’t forget.     

Below is some of our Southern Sneaux specials and favorites.

                                                    "Over the Rainbow Sneaux Ball"                                                                     

"Stuffed Strawberry Sunday"

"Tropical Deluxe Sneaux Jar"

"Sour Hulk Smash Sneaux Ball"

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